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Our objective is to promote efficiency through change management and different thinking that challenges the status quo of today. Our research has revealed many drivers that influence an operator’s financial health. By using our disruptive practices and intelligent utilisation of data, we can deliver a set of recommended practices to mitigate the loss and missed opportunities very often discussed at boardroom level.

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              Global Travel Matters is an aviation consulting company renowned for its management expertise and hands-on collaboration across a distinct number of operational disciplines. We help our clients overcome a diverse set of challenges through ubiquitous problem-solving advice to specialised technical examination to improve their strategic positioning and financial efficiency.

              Steve Tarbuck is an experienced, and widely acknowledged Aviation professional noted for his work in operational and financial efficiency. His extensive knowledge and understanding of Airport Operations and Ground Handling matters span 20 years having held management positions with low-cost carriers including Go Fly Limited, Ryanair and Sterling Airlines as well as full-service carriers Qatar Airways and Brussels Airlines. Steve also spent several years working for Copenhagen Airport giving him an alternative operational perspective of facilities supplier rather than customer airline. Most recently Steve has been extending his assistance to airlines and airports on a consultancy basis through Global Travel Matters a company he established three years ago.

              During Steve’s unique and varied history, he has driven many operational improvements through process engineering and change management. These programs have included vital levers such as insourcing and outsourcing of ground handling activities, cost reduction strategies, resource optimisation, performance development, and digital and self-service deployment projects all designed with a clear objective to maximise airport and handling process efficiencies.

              As an IATA accredited Instructor, Steve delivers training and facilitates workshops to global audiences concentrating on Re-imagining The Passenger Experience Through Service Design Thinking. Adopting bespoke tools, Steve creates a balance between analytical and intuitive thinking to solving complex problems

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              • Business Intelligence Operational Data Analysis
              • Project Management Implementation Support
              • Process Design Documentation
              • Cost AnalysisCost Reduction Strategies
              • Operational Excellence
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